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Who we are and what we do

The role of the Governing Body is to assist the Headteacher with the strategic leadership of the school by:

  • Setting the vision, aims and objectives for the school
  • Adopting policies and setting targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitoring finances, policies, achievements, standards and special educational needs
  • Hearing complaints



(meetings attended)




Co-Opted Governors











Mr Adrian Duke-Cohan

Resources (1/3)

None declared

04.02.16 – 03.02.20


Local Authority Governors

Mr Sam Futerman (Chair)

Strategy (Chair)


None declared

22.1.13 – 21.1.17


Parent Governors

Mrs Naomi Rich


Strategy (1/3)

None declared

5.11.14 – 1.11.18


Mr Nick Smith

Resources  (1/3)

None declared

3.10.14 – 2.10.18


Mrs Karen Stockman (Chair)

Strategy  (1/3)

None declared

4.11.14 – 3.11.18


Staff Governors

Mrs Valerie Hudson (Head)

Resources  (1/3)

Strategy  (1/3)

‘Silent’ partner in an architectural practice



Mr Greg Harper (Deputy)

Resources (1/3)

None declared

4.11.14 – 3.11.18


Associate Governors

Mr Jeremy Turner

Strategy  (1/3)

Executive Principal/Governor of Bushey Meads Secondary School

8.6.16 – 1.10.17


Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Tracey Middleton


Employed by HfL Ltd and HCC


NB:  Governors are not involved with the day to day running of the school which is the responsibility of the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team.

Contacting Governors

Please write C/o Hartsbourne Primary School and your correspondence will be passed onto the appropriate Governor. Thank you.

Governor Profiles

Mr Adrian Duke-Cohan, Co-Opted Governor

I joined the Governing Body in February as a Community Governor. I am a local resident with a long career in Finance. I sit on the Resources Committee and bring with me professional experience as a Financial Advisor. I look forward to meeting staff and contributing to children’s education by ensuring the best value for money we can get.

Mr Sam Futerman, Local Authority Governor

I joined the governing body in 2010 as a Parent Governor and recently became a Local Authority Governor at the end of my elected term.   I am currently the Vice Chair of the Governing body and have recently taken the role of Chair of the Strategy Committee after several years as Chair of the Resources Committee.  One of my responsibilities as Chair of Strategy is to oversee the implementation of the changes that come out of the ongoing review of Governance.  I am a parent of a child in Year 3 and another in Reception and you will often see me in the school playground at drop-off and pick-up.  As a Parent and Governor, I want the parents to be well informed about Hartsbourne and encourage them to be engaged and active members of the school community.

Mr Greg Harper, Staff Governor

I joined Hartsbourne as a newly qualified teacher in 2007 and I have taught in Year Three, Five and Six. I have led a number of different subjects including literacy, maths, music and Senco and I manage the school football team!   I was appointed Assistant Head in 2010 and Deputy Head in 2013. I recently became a staff governor and a member of the Resources Committee.

Mrs Valerie Hudson, Staff Governor

Before becoming a teacher, I was a Parent Governor at my children’s school which fostered my interest in education. My early career was spent teaching in a London borough and I joined Hartsbourne as Head teacher in 2005. Staff governors are not permitted to Chair meetings. Our current group of Governors are extremely pro-active and firmly focused on improving the education and opportunities for the children in our care.

Ms Naomi Rich, Parent Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)

As part of my role on the governing body of Hartsbourne I am the link governor for safeguarding. To prepare for this role I have attended an anti-bullying training session run by the Hertfordshire Behaviour Lead, Karin Hutchinson. I also observed a session run by Karin for the Teaching Assistants who are on duty at lunchtimes. I have helped to review the Care and Complaints Policy and the Behaviour, Discipline and Anti-Bullying Policy, and have monitored the school website. I have also been able to advise the school on ICT and the use of I-pads. I have attended an induction course for new governors and a safeguarding training course.

Mr Nick Smith, Parent Governor

I joined the governing body in 2008 as a Local Authority governor, before being elected as a Parent Governor in 2013. I have one child in the school and another due to join next year. I have been part of and chaired the Strategy Committee and I am now Chair of the Resources Committee, where I can help by bringing my professional experience as a Finance Director in the retail sector. I have recently taken the lead on Governor training and will be ensuring that we have right skills and training on the governing body to help the school continue to improve and reach its full potential.

Mrs Karen Stockman, Parent Governor (Chair of Governors)

I became a parent governor in October 2014 and have attended a number of committee and governing body meetings, a parents’ forum meeting and school assemblies. I have also attended induction for new governors and ‘The new Behaviour Agenda’ course. I have had input in to the review of the Care and Complaints Policy, the Behaviour, Discipline & Anti-Bullying Policy, the Medical Conditions in School Policy and of course, the Ofsted Action Plan. I have taken on the role of link governor for SEN and I meet regularly with our Inco Mrs Durrant-Patel.  

Mr Jeremy Turner, Associate Governor

I became an Associate Governor in June 2016 and have attended meetings and met with the Head and Chair.  I am the Executive Principal of The Bushey St James Trust; an exciting multi academy trust in Bushey, Hertfordshire made up of two academy schools, Bushey Meads Secondary School and Little Reddings Primary School. The initial long-term vision of the Trust was to expand further to include other schools and appoint an executive principal to shape the future work of the Trust. I was appointed in September 2014.