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Year 5

3rd July 2017


Well it’s been a busy week again in Hartsbourne. I hope everybody enjoyed the Summer Fayre, it was brilliantly put together and I certainly enjoyed myself.

In the previous week we have learned all about how to start a business, how to become excellent orators and how create pop art collages. So we have all been keeping very busy indeed. Well done to all in Year 5,  I was so proud of how they managed to rise to all of these challenges.



19th June 2017


WOW! what a fantastic assembly,  I am sure you will join me in congratulating Year 5. They kept us all entertained and performed excellently. It was wonderful to see the class pull together and perform as an ensemble. I was very proud of each and every one of them.

This week is SPORTS WEEK! So please remember to have your PE Kit, I’m  sure nobody would like to miss out on the activities we have planned.

It is going to be another HOT week, so don’t forget to keep your water bottles filled and ensure that you are keeping yourselves hydrated.


Mr Stevenson


9th June 2017


We have had an exciting week this week… it was science week.

The class made some paper helicopters with Mr Harper and, experimented with gravity and buoyancy Miss O’Sullivan.

We also tried to turn our literacy into science experiments, creating Mobius strip poems – with a re infinite.

Well done to Tanaiya, who created her own at home.

Next week,  is our class assembly – we will be practicing very hard to put on a good show.



Mr Stevenson   



26th May 2017


Wishing you all a happy half term  holiday. Isobel and Aaron D have decided to set all the parents a maths problem which they have created.


In a ball shop, there are 516 balls. There are 4 types of balls. Golf balls, basket balls, foot balls and tennis balls.

There are 219 tennis balls.

The amount of basket balls is 1/3 of the amount of tennis balls.

The amount of footballs is double the amount of basket balls.

How many golf balls are there?






23rd May 2017


Nearly the end of the half term, and what an enjoyable half term it has been, we have had many exciting lessons and activities, from the K’Nex challenge, to reading The Hobbit and investigating interesting problems in Maths.

This week (Thursday) we are going to make some fruit Kebabs, which should be healthy and tasty. Just a brief reminder, don’t share your fruit with anyone else, we have to be very mindful of allergies.

This week as well we finish writing our quest stories, which has been a very long progress, but I think the children have all benefitted from allowing our imaginations the freedom to go where they will.




16th May 2017


It’s going to be another exciting week in year 5.

this week Year 5 are completing a massive Tolkienesque writing task. They are creating a fantasy quest story, a summation of all they have learned so far, I expect to be spellbound, enthralled and gripped.

This week we shall also be looking at more complex division and finding solutions to some quite interesting problems – including decimals.

In ICT we are going to continue with our animation programmes, I have been very impressed by the children’s ability and aptitude in making these computer generated little animations. Watch out PIXAR is all I can say!


Mr Stevenson


8th May 2017

I have been greatly impressed with the children’s writing capabilities. We have been looking at how to incorporate some very high level writing techniques into our work. The children, have used all these techniques to write some very scary descriptions, I think they might have done a little too well, as I have been having nightmares all week!

In maths we have studied the effects of rotation and symmetry. I think everyone will agree that it wasn’t as easy as they first suspected. However, they are really starting to get to grips with geometry and show real understanding.

This week we are going to shift focus and start studying weights and measures. A great skill to master as when used in the kitchen it is the only maths problems that you can eat!

Mr Stevenson



2nd May 2017

I hope you all had a happy May Day, I’m sure all the children appreciated the break after a busy week in Year 5.

On Tuesday we had the K’nex Challenge. The challenge, which is run by SETPOINT hopes to introduce enginnering and design into schools. Around 200 schools take part with a prize for the winning design.

 The children were given the task of building a moving bridge that could not only withstand a whopping 5g of weight but also looked aesthetically pleasing.It was a very difficult challenge and all the children worked hard to solve this rather complex engineering task. But in the end there could be only one winning team.

Well done to Hailey and Isobel who won in Year 5.

The challenge fit quite nicely into our maths lessons, during which we explored the properties of 2d and 3d shape. No doubt this extra insight helped the children visualise their creations before setting forth with their building.

Thinking about it this week in literacy we are looking about how to build suspense and tension into our writing using techniques such as different sentence lengths and repetition.

I wonder if creating a suspension bridge in the challenge will help?


Mr Stevenson





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