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Year 3

23rd June 2017

The children have been busy taking part in sporting activities all week, including golf, demonstrating sports day activities and timed runs. 

Next week we have maths Monday and the children will be continuing our persuasive letter in English. We had a debate today about whether to ban playtime or not – it became very heated! We will use these viewpoints and reasons in our letters next week. Have a great weekend, 

Miss FitzGerald

9th June 2017

Wow! What a busy week year 3 have had! They had an amazing time on their trip to the Verulamium, I was informed about all that they had learnt, as well as the sandwich stealing seagull! Here are some of the photos:

It has been science week, today the children went to nature reserve to place their bug hotels and they will visit it next week to see who has moved in. We were really impressed with what they had built over the half term. Here are some of the things the children did this week:

Next week, we will start our new English topic which is writing a persuasive letter and in maths we will be continuing with measure (time, money) then moving on to fractions. 

Have an enjoyable weekend,

Miss FitzGerald

26th May 2017

The children have had a really busy week completing assessments and finishing off topics. To tie in with our Roman topic, we made mosaics that show aspects of our every day life, here are a few examples:

After half term it is science week, there will be plenty of investigations and a chance for the class to explore the nature reserve. 

Just a little reminder, although I’m sure your children won’t let you forget, our class trip is the Monday after half term. Miss O’Sullivan sent out a letter yesterday with some more information. Attached to this was the homework for the half term, the children need to build a home for mini beasts – we are looking forward to seeing what everyone creates! 

Wishing you all a lovely relaxing half term! 

Miss FitzGerald

12th May 2017

The children did an excellent job in their class assembly today and should be really proud of themselves!

During the last session of smiling minds, the children took part in games and activities where they had to work as part of a team. This came naturally to many and they really enjoyed the lesson. Using their bodies as a team they had to become objects or creatures, including a dragon and a unicorn. Here are some of the results! 

They really enjoyed the other activities too: 

Next week, the children will be completing the adventure story unit and writing their final versions. In maths, we will be continuing to work on measure, with a focus on capacity and time. 

Have a great weekend!

Miss FitzGerald


5th May 2017

With the achievement assembly next week, please can children learn their lines over the weekend so that they are ready to rehearse. This week we have been writing our adventure stories, ensuring that they include plenty of adverbs and dialogue. Next week, we will look at how we can improve them and structure them. Well done to those who achieved 10/10 in their spellings!

We will be concentrating on measurements in maths next week, reading scales, converting and comparing. I have uploaded tasks to mathletics and spelling homework is on show my homework.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss FitzGerald

We have had another busy week! In English we concentrated on direct speech and used actions to help us remember how to punctuate it. This is in preparation for the adventure story that they will be planning and writing next week. 

Miss O’Sullivan had the children estimating capacity and weights in maths, they then estimated answers to calculations. Next week we will be looking at fractions, focusing on tenths and ordering. The children had to research Julius Caesar in history and use this skill to pose and answer questions.

We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Miss FitzGerald

Class Teacher: Miss O’Sullivan (maternity cover)

21st April 2017

Welcome back, I hope you all had an enjoyable break! We have had a very busy three days starting new topics. In history and art we will be learning about the Romans, some of the children enjoyed sharing their experiences of mosaics and ruins that they have seen!  Our new literacy topic adventure stories has allowed imaginations to run wild during class discussions – I look forward to reading the end results! In maths this week we explored ways of representing numbers using dienes and estimating on number lines. 

I will be uploading homework and spellings  on to show my homework. This week children will be set work on mathletics, I will send copies of the usernames and passwords home with the children today. 

Have a relaxing weekend!

Miss FitzGerald


30th March 2017

This week we welcome back Miss Fitzgerald. The class were very excited to spend Wednesday afternoon with her and I’m sure Miss Fitzgerald enjoyed hearing how well they are doing with recorders.  We have had a meeting to share targets, support work and next steps discussed at parents evening.  We will aim to keep as much as possible the same, so the children can easily adjust to having a new teacher.  


We have had an enjoyable week so far completing different topics. The class particularly impressed me in hockey this week.  The difference between the first and last session really showed me how well they have learnt and applied the skills taught this half term.  I really enjoyed stepping back and watching some competitive games, as well as seeing great team work and children leading when refereeing.


In French we took advantage of the good weather with some fun outdoor learning. The children revised numbers and colours using a variety of cone games.  We worked individually, in pairs and small groups.

Please use the holidays to update PE kits, as a few children have been mentioning their trainers are a little tight.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this term and I wish you a safe and restful holiday

Happy Easter!


Miss O’Sullivan


23rd March 2017

The whole class have shown great enthusiasm in class this week and we have completed some of our units ready to evaluate in the final week.


We have completed our animations using 2Create, where pairs of children wrote simple stories and added moving illustrations. Our two animations from this term will be shown during our sharing evening in the summer term.  Here are our very bright and eye-catching moving monsters.  The children have absolutely loved creating them in this terms D+T project.

In geography we learnt what to do in the event of an earthquake. We tried out the safety advice in class and some of the children were very dramatic and not very calm at all! Thankfully we learnt that the event of a large earthquake in this part of the world is very unlikely, so they have time to work on these skills.

In maths next week we will be applying our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a variety of problem based tasks. In english we will be completing and publishing our non-fiction report writing.

I’m looking forward to lots of laughter in our sponsored joke telling event tomorrow.  After the events this week it is much needed.


Wishing you a safe and happy weekend.


Miss O’Sullivan


21st March 2017

In order to raise some money for red nose day, year three will be completing a sponsored joke telling activity.  This Friday each child will be given one minute to tell as many jokes as possible.  Please help your child prepare and don’t forget your red noses on the day!  To sponsor your child completing their challenge, please follow the link below;


Thank you for your support!

17th March 2017

Another week has flown by and it is always a joy to look out at our beautiful grounds at this time of year.


Here are one or two poems from last week.  Can you spot yours?


A spring morning at Hartsbourne

(Tanku poem- syllables 5-7-5-7-7)

 Blue skies all around

A gentle breeze on my face

Yellow buttercups

I can smell the lovely grass

Hartsbourne is the best in spring



Blue skies everywhere.

Flowers blooming in the sun.

Tiny drops of rain.

Birds tweeting in the distance.

Lovely smelling daffodils.


I hate muddy grass,

I really like the sunshine.

I see my shadows.

Rabbit holes are exciting.

Trees are gigantic.


This week we have especially enjoyed creating and drawing different types of triangles and quadrilaterals in maths.The children are looking forward to their shape/ICT homework this week.  It was fun being news reporters on Tuesday in English.  Some of the class took their role very seriously, when discussing endangered animals.  Next week we will begin division in maths and continue researching and learning skills needed to write a non-fiction report in English.


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss O’Sullivan


10th March 2017

Happy Friday!

In Year 3 this week we have been so busy getting stuck into our new topics.  In Science we had the chance to explore the wonders of invisible, magnetic forces. We completed magic tricks and moved paperclips through water.  There were even gasps of amazement, when we finally managed to make our butterflies move around by themselves!

In English we enjoyed writing a variety of syllable based poems and published them for our display in class. It was tough, but most of us were able to stick to the 5-7-5 haiku rule. 

On Thursday it was such a lovely spring morning we decided to go out for a spring walk around the grounds.  In pairs we continued with our poetry theme and wrote some fantastic tanku poems about ‘A spring morning at Hartsbourne.’ Our beautiful grounds were reflected in our poems and I will try to select some of my favourites for next weeks blog.


Next week we will start our new three week English unit, based on report writing and begin to explore 2D shape in maths.


Enjoy your weekend!


Miss O’Sullivan 

3rd March 2017


Sorry a slight mix up on the homework sheets.  If your child has crossed out and edited their homework spellings and it is not very clear, this is the corrected spelling list.












2nd March 2017 


Hi there!

What a fantastic effort with costumes today! It was lovely seeing the children comparing outfits and showing them off proudly.    It was an impossible decision choosing two for assembly, but I had to give two names.  Well done Anton and Fin and thank you all for putting so much effort in this year!

This week has been assessment week and I look forward to discussing your child’s new targets at parents evening next week. Please remember to check the ‘Parent Notice Board’ on the classroom window for your appointment date and time. 


In English next week we will begin drafting and publishing our spring themed poems, which will be on display in class. I will share some of these next week.  In maths we are moving onto angle work. 


Lastly please send in a named washing up bottle, which is needed for our ‘Moving Monsters’ D+T project.  Thank you.


Wishing you happy weekend.

Miss O’Sullivan


23rd February

Hello all!

It’s as if we have not been away with the class coming back rested and ready for a week full of learning.  I have been very pleased with effort, focus and positive attitudes to challenge in particular this week. They have done a great job completing and publishing their alternative traditional tales in English.  In Maths we have been sorting information using a range of diagrams and criteria.  Next week we will continue to cover this topic focusing more on organising information in graphs.  In English we will begin our poetry unit where we will be focusing on features, structure and building vocabulary.


As promised…

Take One Book Week

Celtic Shields


10th February

What a busy and fun week we have had in Year 3!  The children have loved the Anthony Browne ‘Take One Book’ week and have completed all sorts of different activities based on ‘Changes’.  In PE we looked at the morphing objects from the story and tried to recreate them through dance.  In Art we recapped on successful sketching skills, to first sketch household objects, before morphing them into a selection of different animals.  Some of this work will be on display in the hall. Unfortunately I am unable to load photos onto the website today, but will add some when I can.  I will also add the Celtic shields as promised last week.


Please use the half term holiday to check and update PE kits.


Wishing you a relaxing and fun half term.  See you on the other side.


Miss O’Sullivan


3rd February

Finally a hello from me!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Year 3 over the last four weeks and here are some of the things we have been busy with in class. 


In English we have completed our unit on explanation texts.  The children enjoyed explaining how to use the KS2 outdoor equipment to Reception children and have finished some great explanation texts.  We have researched and presented ‘How to look after a pet….?’  The class enjoyed researching some unusual pets and I do apologise if they have been requesting pet micro pigs, or tortoises as a result.

In Maths we have been focusing on fractions and using place value grids to multiply and divide by 10 and 100.  Some of this work is on display in the hall. 


Science, Science we’ve all gone crazy about Science. The children have shown an impressive knowledge and understanding in our ‘Rocks” topic.  In class we have made our own fossils, become miners unearthing precious stones and even tested the properties of different crystals.  The class have definitely needed extending in lessons and have very much enjoyed the interactive Science area.

This week we have begun to make and edit our animations in ICT.  We have continued learning about road safety in PSHE and are getting to grips with lots of new learning about the Iron Age.  I will post some of the fantastic Iron Age shields children made as part of their homework next week.  In English we have begun to learn skills needed to write our own successful alternative tales and in Maths we have continued with more multiplication work.


Next week we begin our ‘Take One Book’ themed week, which I have explained in more detail in the homework task.


Wishing you a restful weekend!

Miss O’Sullivan