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Year 3



Miss O’Sullivan and Miss FitzGerald


Good morning, preparations for the KS2 Christmas show have begun! The children had a chance to audition for singing parts last week so well done to those who were brave enough to put themselves forward. 

The children have started to explore the features of playscripts in English and have dabbled in a bit of acting. They will look at different examples of playscripts and begin to write their own. In maths the children have been looking at symmetry and angles, with a focus on right angles, this week. Next week, they will learn about positional language and use the four-points of a compass. 

Rock star x tables is 3x and the inverse (division).

During art, the children drew portraits of the person sitting next to them. We discussed head shapes and where to place features on the face. The children divided the face with lines to help.

Have a great week,

Miss FitzGerald


Good morning. 

Year 3 produced some super mixed media pictures for the Remembrance assembly on Friday, so well done to everyone in the class. They really took on board the purpose of the pictures and were reflective when listening to the first two verses of Flanders Fields. 

In maths last week, we spent a few extra lessons adding totals and finding change to ensure that we felt more confident doing so. Therefore, this week we will be going on to measure length and returning to fractions. Next week we will be visiting shape: finding symmetry, right angles and comparing angles. 

The children have been writing a recount from the perspective of a child living during the Stone Age, which will be edited and completed by the end of the week. They will be starting a new topic next week – play scripts. 

Please can we keep reminding children that their reading record needs to live in their folder so that we can access it during the week if needs be. 

With regards to Mathletics, I have a hard copy homework that can go home with any child that is finding it difficult to access the different tasks. 

Have a lovely week! Miss FitzGerald 


Good morning, year 3 have been very busy since returning from the half term break! We have been preparing for the Remembrance assembly, starting new topics (please see the curriculum web) and continuing to learn the recorder!

Last week we concentrated on time in maths, understanding how to convert between measurements of time as well as reading and writing time on analogue clocks. This week we are focusing on money, so adding totals and finding change, also estimating and measuring length. Next week the children will revisit fractions and estimate and measure weight. 

In English the children read, performed and wrote limericks. This week we are starting recounts, they will explore the features of a recount and implement these in their writing. Next week they will plan and begin to write one themselves. 

Here are some of the super posters that we made for our topic last term, the Stone Age: 

We look forward to seeing you at parents’ evening next week. We will be doing an evening each: 

Tuesday – Ms O’Sullivan

Wednesday – Ms FitzGerald

Have a great week! 



Good morning, a few reminders this week:

  • please bring in ingredients for our healthy wrap on Thursday 19th October
  • we have our Harvest assembly on Friday, please can children keep learning their lines at home
  • half termly homework was due yesterday, 17th October, please bring it in or e-mail it to the office
  • spellings and rock star superstar times tables will be set as normal on showmyhomework from Friday – rock star times tables x4

Thank you for all of your support so far this term.

Have a super  break!

Miss FitzGerald and Miss O’Sullivan


Everyone looked great on Red, White and Blue day! We talked about the importance of the day and made spitfires to use on the playground. The children have been working hard this week planning and writing their fables, these will be published in their learning journeys.

Next week is the Harvest assembly, where we will be exploring and presenting information on the work of the Red Cross. It is also assessment week (next week), a chance for us to review their learning so far in year 3. I’m sure some of you may be aware that we are making healthy wraps in DT, I will put a sign up sheet on the door towards the end of this week, we’d be really grateful if you could sign up to bring one ingredient in to contribute to the lesson.

The children have really been enjoying their recorder lessons:

A reminder that half termly homework is due Tuesday 17th October, the children can choose a bullet point from the list that I have uploaded  to show my homework to complete.

Rock star times tables for next week will be x3 (we do the rock star challenge on a Tuesday and Friday).

Miss FitzGerald



Congratulations to our Councillors, Thasanmee and Henry, who won the majority of the votes. This week the children have been looking at the morals found within fables and dabbled in a bit of acting! We will also be looking at using speech punctuation correctly, so that we can apply it to our fables that we will write next week. In maths next week we will be returning to fractions to further our understanding of finding quantities of amounts and ordering.

Rock star times tables for next week will be x3 

A reminder that Friday is Red, White and Blue day, we will be discussing the meaning behind this day. During guided reading we will be focusing on an author, the work produced will help become part of our year group display in the hall. 

Miss FitzGerald



School Councillors will be chosen this week during Friday’s assembly and I can not wait to hear the children’s manifestos! We will listen to everyone who wants to run, then vote in secret and await the results on Friday. Good luck to all those going for it! The children will also have their first recorder lesson today, which they have been eagerly anticipating! 

Rock star times tables for next week will be x5, some children will also do the inverse. Please check show my homework on Friday. 

The children have been getting creative by exploring free verse poetry this week and throwing in some figurative language. I hope to upload some examples on the blog next week, the new topic will be fables. Next week in maths we will focus on multiplication, division and using the inverse to check answers.   

Miss FitzGerald



Welcome to the Year 3 class blog! We really have had a busy couple of weeks. I just wanted to remind you of some of the key points from meet the teacher last week:

  • Please check your child’s reading day on the classroom window
  • Ensure that they have their reading record in their book bag so that we can access them during guided reading
  • Homework will be set on Friday, spelling tests are on the following Friday and Mathletics is due Tuesday
  • Writing sentences for spellings is optional 
  • Half termly choice homework, select one bullet point per half term

We have been writing instructions in literacy, firstly the children had to write detailed instructions on how to turn Miss O’Sullivan into a frog! We are now coming to the end of the topic and we will be starting free verse poetry next week. Recently in maths we have been focusing on place value and fractions. As of next week we will look at estimating when adding and subtracting. 

Rock star times tables for next week will be x5 and please check showmyhomework on Friday. 

Here are some snap shots of our learning from last week. We used P.E equipment to create the human body and drew maps for our instructions! 

Miss FitzGerald