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Year 2

Class Teacher: Mr Parnell

Hello everyone and welcome to our year 2 blog. We will keep you updated each week on what we have been up to in lessons.


Week 9th October

This week we were matching different religions with their symbols. 

We also used a collage technique to decorate them.


Week 2nd October 2017

This week we have been learning about different types of poems and rhyming words. On Wednesday we performed our favourite poems to  our classmates.



On Friday we raised money for the charity Red, White and Blue. We had a lot of fun in our coloured clothes and enjoyed being able to support our armed forces.


 Week 25th September 2017

This week we have been investigating plants and what seeds need to grow. To do this we have each planted a seed. Over the next few  weeks we will keep track of the seeds and find out what happens to them…


Week 18th September 2017

This week we have been catching and throwing during our P.E lessons.



In maths we have been adding 2-digit numbers by adding together the 10’s and 1’s columns. We started on sums such as 23 + 23 = ? But now we enjoy using reasons skills to solve problems such as 34 + ? = 56 and 35 = ? +14