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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1’s weekly blog.

It has been such a pleasant few weeks getting to know your child. I’d like to thank all parents and children for such a warm welcome to Hartsbourne. I know it will be a great year.

Mrs Burbage

Week of 20th November 2017

We have started to rehearse for our Christmas performance ‘A Little Bird Told Me’. We really enjoy singing and practising our little dance! Please read the letter that was sent home this weekend to get started on our costumes.

In Math, we learned how to put things in order, we listed the days of the week and the months of the year in order. We also learned how to carry out a survey and we collected data to put it in a bar graph. We were very enthusiastic about our findings.

In Design & Technology, we practised some techniques to colour material. We are very excited to start our sock puppet project.

In Geography, we are still learning about the UK. This week, we paid particular attention to Wales and we identified it on our World map.

Week of 13th November 2017

We had such a great week this week. We really are busy little Year 1’s! Here are only some of the things we have achieved this week;

This week we went our school trip to the theatre. We saw the The Gruffalo’s Child. It was really funny and we really enjoyed it.



In PSHE, we learned how to make ‘friendship soup’. We thought really hard how to be great friend.


In Math, we learned how to put the days of the week in order. We made lots of interesting connections with our weekly routines with one another.

Week of 6th November 2017

In Design & Technology, we started to work on our puppet projects. We learned how to join two pieces of materials together. We loved getting the sticky glue out!

In Math, we learned about capacity. We compared different containers of water and investigated which held the most and least amount of liquid. We put our containers in order and made comparisons. We absolutely love applying what we learn in the classroom to outdoor activities.


In ICT, we created a ‘shape city’ on the Paint Program. We are putting our new IT skills into practise!

In RE, we explored how colour is used to welcome guests during Diwali and we created a colourful Rangoli pattern on the playground using coloured sand and chalk.


We were very proud of our War medals we made for Remembrance Day. We we loved reading our acrostic poppy poem we collectively wrote to everybody.

Week of 30th October 2017

Lovely to see everyone had a lovely and refreshing half term. We loved hearing about each others ‘news’.  We really got stuck into our week back!

We practised our balancing and climbing skills in gymnastics. We really enjoyed  using the climbing equipment.


We learned how to measure objects using non-standard units such as cubes, our hands, feet and fingers. It was a lot of fun measuring the height of our learning buddies! We also investigated the weight of objects using our balancing scales.

We started our geography lessons this week. We learned some basic map skills and located England and its capital. It was very enjoyable to see where we are on the World Map.

We started our Design and Technology lessons. We are planning to make our own puppets so we investigated lots of different kinds of puppets. Exciting things are to come!




Week of 16th October 2017

What a busy week and exciting week! We submitted our homework projects last week and we were really eager to show and share with each other. It was so lovely to see how everyone brought in something meaningful and unique.  We really enjoyed doing our classroom ‘gallery walk’.

We had a lot of fun learning how to measure objects using a ruler. It was very exciting to compare different lengths of classroom objects and finding out how many centimetres long some things were!

In PSHE, we talked about how we must T.H.I.N.K before we speak. We illustrated some of our ideas why we need to think carefully before we speak. We discussed how we must think before we speak by thinking is it Truthful? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind? We shared our lovely ideas and illustrations with each other.



I hope all parents, children and staff have a lovely half term.

Mrs Burbage


Week of 9th October 2017

This week we have been investigating properties of 3D shapes. We really enjoyed identifying all the 3D shapes that we see all around us in the classroom and we made great connections with the 3D objects we see at home. We investigated how many edges, faces and vertices each 3D shape had.

In history, we learned some more interesting facts about Sir Ernest Shackleton. He certainly was such a brave explorer!

In art, we discussed four famous artists and practised drawing our portraits using different art materials.

We are still learning how to use our laptops. We are developing our computer skills each week and today we practised some skills on the Paint programme.


Week of 2nd October 2017

This week we have been learning how to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We love to practice our counting skills outside of the classroom!


We have also been investigating different types of musical instruments, we have been learning how each instrument looks and sounds differently.

Today, we participated in Red, White & Blue Day to show our support to the Army forces.

Over the last few weeks, your child has been getting acquainted to Year 1 classroom rules and routines. Encourage your child to discuss all the wonderful things they learn in school every day.

Mrs Burbage