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Class Teachers: Mrs Allsopp and Mrs Durrant-Patel

Autumn 2017


Hello, we hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend. Last week we had fun using clay to make our lamps and this week we are decorating them.  We also had the opportunity to make and fly kites which the children enjoyed. We also started our work on Owl Babies retelling and sequencing the story. We then made our own owls using pine cones, feathers and cotton wool. This week we continued our work on Owl babies creating our own story maps and changing the ending and in maths we solved puzzles. Next week the children will have the opportunity to decorate the class room, learn about Christmas around the world and prepare for our performance. In literacy we will read non- fiction books on owls and in maths will be concentrating on number formation. Here are a few pictures of what we have done in reception.


Hello and hope everyone has had a good week. Last week we continued our work on The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. In class the children had opportunities to paint and write speech bubbles for the Gruffalo. This week in maths we have been adding two numbers using a number line and finding one more. In literacy we have read Owl Babies and sequenced the story and we have also made our own clay lamps for our ‘Light and Dark’ topic. Next week we will be reading books on Owls and in maths we will be ordering numbers and solving problems. Here are a few pictures of the activities we have completed over the last few weeks.



Hello from Reception, the children have had another exciting week. Last week we learnt about Remembrance and made our own paper plate poppies that we showed in our Remembrance Assembly.  In literacy this week we read The Gruffalo’s Child which they really enjoyed, we had a fantastic time at the theatre watching the play. The children really enjoyed the play, they have been speaking about it in class and telling us their favourite parts. Next week we will continue our ‘Light and Dark’ topic and we will be focusing on Owl Babies and in maths we will continue our work on addition.  


Everyone in Reception has been really busy since returning after half-term. In Reception we have been have started our new topic ‘Light and Dark’. The children are enjoying our topic and have had lots of opportunities to explore activities related to our topic. This week in literacy we have read The Gruffalo and in maths we have been adding small amounts together. Next week we will be going on our trip and reading The Gruffalo’s Child in literacy and in maths we will be continuing with addition. Last week the children enjoyed our firework activities and role play costume shop. Here are a few picture from last week.


The children have really enjoyed our animal topic this half term and have enjoyed completing lots of different activities.  This week the children have been learning about Harvest and Diwali. They have spent time making scarecrows and paper diva lamps, along with other activities related to Harvest and Diwali. In literacy we have retold the story of The Little Red Hen using actions and in maths we have been exploring shapes. Last week the children went to the nature reserve and made tree rubbings. We hope everyone enjoys their half term holiday and gets lost of rest.  Here are few photos of some of the activities reception took part in last week.  



It’s has been another busy week in reception, we have continued with our animal topic. The children enjoyed their time in the nature reserve and looked great on RED, White and Blue day! This week in Literacy we have been sorting fiction and non-fiction books and in maths we have been looking at and creating our own repeating patterns. The children have made some great repeating patterns and have enjoyed using a range of objects to make them. Next week in Literacy we will be reading the story of The Little Red Hen and in maths we will be looking at 2d shapes. We will also be exploring The Harvest Festival and completing some exciting activities. Here are a few photos of some of the activities we completed last week. 


Hello and welcome to the Reception class blog. We have been really busy in Reception over the last few weeks getting to know one another and the school. Everyone has settled really well in to school life, well done Reception! Last week we started our animal topic and the children have completed some fantastic activities. This week in literacy we have read Rumble in the Jungle, moved like the animals and sequenced the story. In maths this week we have been sorting objects. Next week in literacy we will be looking at animal non- fiction books and in maths we will talking about and completing repeating patterns. Here are a few photos of some of the activities the children have participated in over the last few weeks.